Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hi there and welcome!

Trevor decided he would like to learn about blogging and I decided I would like Trevor to learn about budgeting so this where we start....

The main goal of this blog will be for Trevor to take a set amount of money, scour the sales, figure out a menu for 2 for an entire week and come up with recipes.  Sounds like quite the adventure huh?   We might get off to a slow start but I think this should be a lot of fun. 

His first challenge will start on Monday and he will be starting out with $50.  He needs to come up with a total of 21 nutritious and tasty meals, 7 breakfast, 7 lunches and 7 dinners.  I will also be looking for 3 recipes this week that I feel confident that he could make on his own. 

So stay tuned and cross your fingers, this could be quite the adventure not only for Trevor and I but also for my poor kitchen....   ;)


  1. good luck Trevor. I am sure you will do just fine.
    Your Mom's friend Pat

  2. Good luck Trevor, look forward to seeing what you do.

  3. Sounds like fun! Good Luck and looking forward to seeing what he comes up with!